Why this blog?

To document a journey. To offer commentary, share knowledge as well as doubts and disappointments.

I’m one of many people who got dissatisfied with organized religion. As a lifelong Christian, there came a point at which I could no longer outwardly profess to believe in something that ceased to make any sense. It took a long time, but eventually a moment arrived in which I had to turn my back on everything that felt comfortable and familiar, in order to start living and believing with integrity.

At this point in my life, I realize that my path lies somewhere within the uncharted territory of (neo)paganism. Where exactly, within which tradition, I don’t know yet. All I have right now are intimations, images that pop up in my mind, whispers from somewhere beyond the mundane.

A lone grey wolf is my companion, appearing to me in dreams and quiet moments of meditation. As of yet, he doesn’t seem to be leading me anywhere, he’s there simply to protect me on this journey. And on the nights of the full moon, I experience a sort of oneness with him: when I look into his eyes, I don’t know who is who. Our spirits merge and rest together, until dawn. Hence the Werewolf.



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