Book review: “God/Goddess: Exploring and Celebrating the Two Sides of the Wiccan Deity”

A. J. Drew and Patricia Telesco. 2004. “God/Goddess: Exploring and Celebrating the Two Sides of the Wiccan Deity”. Franklin Lakes: New Page Books. A. J. Drew and Patricia Telesco are both prolific writers on all things Neo-pagan. In this book they focus more specifically on the Wiccan understanding of deity as an embodiment of both … Continue reading

Men’s Mysteries

Earlier this week, I came across John Beckett’s 2015 article on Patheos, titled “I Don’t Get Men’s Mysteries”. I found myself upset by it, because it sounded totally belittling of men’s work. Beckett writes: “I get women’s mysteries, or at least I intellectually understand the desire for them. Menstruation, pregnancy, childbirth, lactation – those are more … Continue reading

Why this blog?

To document a journey. To offer commentary, share knowledge as well as doubts and disappointments. I’m one of many people who got dissatisfied with organized religion. As a lifelong Christian, there came a point at which I could no longer outwardly profess to believe in something that ceased to make any sense. It took a … Continue reading